How to save 500 points ($5!) on a Wii Points Card!


This took me totally by surprise! Every month I get a copy of GamePro because my brother bought me a gift that happened to have a free subscription for a year. Inside each magazine is $30 worth of savings at BestBuy. There are two really important coupons:

  1. $5 any Wii or DS game
  2. $5 any Video Game Accessory

When I first saw this, I got to thinking: Will “$5 off any Video Game Accessory work on a Wii Points Card?” So I decided to try it. I waltzed into BestBuy with the coupon and went to go find a Wii Points Card in the video game section (which, by the way, there were only a few left). I brought it up to the register to pay for it. I handed the coupon to her, and I began to worry, because, after all, what would I do if I was denied? W

ell she took it, scanned it, and my total somehow came to $21 something, and I did a double-take, “How did the price go up with a coupon!?” and it turned out she made a mistake, so she had to manually take the money off herself. So it worked! I got 500 free points basically because of the coupon. 500 points that can be used to be a NES game, or to save up for another game! However, I still kind of believe that this may not work the next time I go because of how the computer reacted. If you think about it, this is like getting $5 a gift card!

If this does work, just look at this:

If you subscribe now, 12 issues would cost you $12 (good deal!). This means that for a dollar a month, you could save 5 dollars off of a Wii Points Card at BestBuy (or four dollars if you want to take off the $1 dollar for the issue).

So over that 12 months: 5 (savings) x 12 (issues) = 60 (total savings) 60 – 12 (12 dollars for subscription) = $48 in total savings! That is a lot of free points right there!

So instead of spending $180 a year for Wii Points Cards (that is if you bought one per month), you would be spending $120 (subscription not taken into account) or $132 (subscription taken into account).

The only problems that I can foresee are:

  1. GamePro taking out the coupons
  2. If BestBuy stops accepting them
Image from GameStop

2 Responses to “How to save 500 points ($5!) on a Wii Points Card!”

  1. DarthGohan1 Says:

    Way to beat the system. 😀

    Now when you have a couple hundred points left, you’re not getting screwed.

  2. Branskins Says:

    Oh yeah! 🙂 I am also building up a bank of points for WiiWare!

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